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Photo Gear

When I travel I always pack my DSLRs along with a 2 to 3 lenses as well as a pocket digicam for opportunities that come up with little or no notice.  Over the years I have been loyal to Nikon and have been pleased with their SLR equipment and lenses.  As far as digicams are concerned, I typically lean to Sony.

I always shoot in RAW format because it allows for the greatest amount of flexibility when it comes to processing my photos.   I use Adobe Photoshop CC almost exclusively in conjunction with the NIK  Suite of post processing tools to finalize my work.

As it stands now, here is what the X-ray Machines see in my luggage when I travel:



Nikon D800 (FX Format).

Nikon D5 (FX Format).


Sigma 150-600mm S  (Review and early impressions).

Nikon 200-400mm (in certain cases)

Nikon 50mm / 1.4

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED



Sony DSC-RX100:  Compact and takes RAW format photos.   Great combination of features!

Panasonic DMC -LX7 Another rare compact digicam that takes RAW format photos.

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