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About was born out of a passion that I have for photography and aviation.

Ever since I was child, I would always carry some kind of  camera when our family would either be going to the airport to pick up or drop off a traveling family member or if we were the ones doing the traveling.

Fast forward 4 decades and I find myself doing the same thing.    There is always a camera with me when I am traveling and the thrill of photographing aircraft is as fresh for me now as it was when I was 10 years old!  The only difference is that my camera bag is now far heavier thanks to my equipment.

I have been very fortunate to have been asked to share my photography and videos by a variety of Airlines and Publications.    Many of my photos have been used by Lufthansa since I have a close relationship with them (See   As a matter of fact I have photographed every active Lufthansa mainline aircraft except for 5 of them!

Beside Lufthansa, a variety of other airlines including ‘Scoot’, British Airways, Panalpina, Austrian, UPS and several others have used or licensed my photos.   Additionally, my videos have been used by video production companies such as PilotsEye.Tv who focus on creating Aviation and Airline documentaries.  My photos have also been featured in magazines such as Airways.  I must admit it is enjoyable to see my work be used by others! is an evolving project with constant updates.   In my off line archives I have over 8000 photos of Airliners that I’ve captured over the years but only a fraction of them are on the website due to time constraints.    The mission is to continue adding more photos and eventually catching up and having all of my photos on the website.   So please check in often because there will always be new photos to see!

Thanks for visiting!